The intelligent automation series: Look inside your customer’s orders

Every working day of every year Customer Services is tasked with ensuring that their customers place their orders correctly. We often see this being managed via spreadsheets and print outs that are tasked to individuals to manage. Not only are Customer Services concerned with whether customers have placed their orders, but also whether they have placed their orders using acceptable delivery dates. In addition, most suppliers require their customers to have placed their orders before a specific cut off time to secure early delivery. In some cases, suppliers have more than a single cut off time, and we know that it can get even more complicated than that. Process complexities increase the chances that mistakes may happen. Customer Services think they have captured an order when they haven’t, and of course, we know all too well the impact of that on supply chain operations and customer experience.

Bursting open customer orders 

Mistakes aside there is a need to focus on the content of the order. We call it bursting them open. This includes checking whether or not customers have placed orders for the right products in the right quantities.

OmPrompt | Insights - The intelligent automation series: Look inside your customers' orders

Making sure all customers have placed their order, ordered for the right delivery dates, ordered the correct products and ordered the correct amounts, whether using EDI or manual documents adds significant complexity and time to the process. But the benefits of doing it far outweigh the risks of not doing it. Focusing on the content of the order enables Customer Services to add more value to their interaction with customers and to supply chain operations.

When your customer gives you an order, give them even more value back

Relatively simple activities such as ensuring customers are ordering the key product lines that they rely on and in the right quantities, and spotting when the customer makes a mistake, lets Customer Services proactively resolve the exceptions. Taking this approach also helps teams ensure that the customer is staying true to their forecast and prevents the operational teams having to resolve demand issues later down the line, for example in warehousing or production.

About OmPrompt Ltd.

OmPrompt makes supply chains sentient with our AI-driven platform by providing end-to-end connectivity, control, and performance for more profitable order processing, fulfilment and settlement. We help supply chain, customer care, and finance leaders to collect, analyze and apply data through automation, allowing you to manage by exception and know more about your customers’ and suppliers’ orders than they do. Our solution transforms diverse data from multiple-systems, functions and enterprises into structured, usable information ready for your teams and systems. We leverage multiple technologies and automation tools – from EDI, OCR, and RPA to natural language processing, machine learning, IoT, and cognitive computing – while also working with your current people and systems. Our inclusive, end-to-end solution accommodates your trading partners’ technology and processes as they are without any change or disruption. We help drive perfect orders that lead to perfect invoices and increased cash flow. With OmPrompt you can automate with impact: improve working capital, reduce DSOs, and create an outstanding experience for customers that drives retention, loyalty and profitability.

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