OmPrompt Enables Reckitt Benkiser to Adapt to Business Process Changes

Company structures, operational processes and systems are constantly evolving, as businesses adapt to market and customer needs. These changes present huge opportunities for growth and improvement, but often impact established ways of working, especially where automation technologies have already been deployed.

In 2018 Reckitt Benckiser, a client of OmPrompt since 2012,  announced that they would be restructuring their business to create two new independent operating units; RB Healthcare and RB Hygiene & Home.

These changes meant that their order processing functions, including their non-EDI sales order automation solution that OmPrompt provides, needed to be reconfigured and aligned to reflect the new structure. Reckitt Benckiser were able to rely on OmPrompt as a managed service provider, to design, build, test and implement these changes, in line with their project schedule. Business process workflows, exception monitoring, alerts and system integrations were a few of the things that needed to be changed in the multiple countries where OmPrompt solutions had been deployed.

At OmPrompt, we are extremely proud to have been part of this project, as we are aware that as digital technologies become more widespread, supply chain and technology leaders need to have confidence that their chosen technologies keep up with change and continue to be relevant and valuable. OmPrompt is an automation partner that can support clients as they continually evolve and change.

If you are interested in finding out how OmPrompt enables supply chain organisations to better manage company and customer acquisitions and organisational restructures, then contact one of our specialists.

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