OmPrompt continues Sales Order Automation expanse into Europe

OmPrompt has continued to advance our Sales Order Automation capabilities to further help CPG suppliers get control of their order capture processes in these increasingly demanding times. This week has seen a major CPG brand with operations in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany go live with the latest release of OmPrompt Business Rules Engine, as well as machine learning to optimise order processing exceptions.

Their solution is fully automating the entry of sales orders for customers across Europe into their SAP system. Orders range from major retails, wholesalers and distributors to white label manufacturers including Aldi Nord, Hofer KG, Lidl Austria, Covalco, E.Leclerc, Kero SUR, Supermercados Hiber, Unes, Marr, B & M Retail, TJ Morris, Poundland, A G Parfett & Sons, Heron Foods and many more. 

OmPrompt’s Business Rules Engine continues to be a driving force behind OmPrompt’s global solutions; it means our clients can standardise, govern, and control how their orders are validated and processed for each of their customers. The latest release upgrades its configuration capabilities for even faster deployment. It also advances the agility of the automation solution. 

Clients can adapt rules and configurations to meet changing process requirements. We know from experience that these business-critical operations do not stand still and are continually evolving. 

This global brand has achieved a streamlined process that addresses multiple regions while also being flexible to different markets’ specific requirements. 

The Rules Engine can be configured to meet unique client requirements, and it utilises machine learning to optimise performance. Rules can be applied on different levels, which gives supply chain leaders a standardised solution that can be used worldwide. 

If you’d like to know more about our work in these regions, hear more about how our clients are digitising and optimising processes, or anything OmPrompt, feel free to get in touch.  

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