Ferrero moves into France with OmPrompt

OmPrompt has continued our work in boosting the reach of another CPG client, with Ferrero now automating their French sales orders in their latest round of expansion. France joins other countries including Italy, Germany, Poland and the Nordics.

OmPrompt is helping Ferrero, amongst many other suppliers in this region, automate manual orders from major and smaller retail stores and wholesale customers.

With 70+ manual orders a day the solution will standardise the process and   significantly reduce the manual entry of data into SAP. One the leading components of the solution is OmPrompt’s ZeroTouch offering which captures and processes data completely automatically.

Automated unit of measure conversion, delivery date validations and artificial intelligence are also being leveraged to control and manage order capture.  Some of the orders being automated come from customers like Aldi, Norma, E. Leclerc, Supergroup and EpiSaveurs.

Ferrero has continued to streamline its process, handling multiple regions while simultaneously having the flexibility to meet each marketplace’s specific requirements.  

Ferrero added:

“The project was carefully followed by every stakeholder involved, and the objectives, clear from the outset, were pursued and achieved completely and within the deadlines, above all thanks to the total availability of the people responsible for building the solution.”

If you’d like to know more about the work we’re doing with Ferrero, sales order automation, EDI or anything order management, feel free to get in touch. 

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