OmPrompt joins forces with Mizkan

OmPrompt is proud to announce another significant CPG supplier – Mizkan, famous for sushi seasonings, vinegars and brands like Branston, Sarson’s and Haywards, has chosen OmPrompt to digitise and streamline its sales order capture process.

Mizkan approached OmPrompt to see how we could improve its order processes between themselves and the retailers and wholesalers they serve in the UK.

The solution will not only use ZeroTouch to extract data automatically from the many different formats customers order in, but it will also eliminate the need for team members to check and verify every order manually.

OmPrompt’s powerful Business Rules Engine automates this part of the order capture process. It digitises everything from monitoring and adjusting requested delivery dates to automating buying to selling unit of measure conversions and minimum order quantity checks. Pre-built and configurable rules mean Mizkan can govern and adjust the solution as their business grows and evolves. In addition, they will also benefit from machine learning algorithms that reduce exceptions and improve automation performance over time the more sales orders it is exposed to.

OmPrompt is deploying RPA bots to automate the retrieval of sales orders from online portals. This allows the team to focus on more forward-facing tasks and eliminates the need to check web portals for new orders. With the deployment of these different technologies, Mizkan is leveraging OmPrompt’s cloud Order Management Platform to simplify and speed up their ordering processes.


If you’d like to know more about the work we’re doing with Mizkan, sales order automation or anything else order management related feel free to get in touch.
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