OmPrompt joins forces with InterSystems & Retail Systems to discuss proper data management in the age of disruption

2020 has seen a seismic shift across all industries; ours is no different. Due to the surge in demand for a variety of products, retailers and distributors have perhaps never been busier. 

This, coupled with our global remote working transformation, has meant we’ve had to devise new ways of handling our data in the ‘new normal.’ So, let’s talk about it.

OmPrompt’s Solutions Strategy Director Gareth Bennett joins a panel of industry experts to discuss all of this and more on a free-to-join webinar entitled ‘Smart data management in the age of supply chain disruption’ .

Businesses built on an agile and adaptable methodology have been able to pivot their distribution models, but many have struggled to maintain relevancy in the face of e-commerce giants and major goods manufacturers who can use real-time data flows, advanced analytics and personalisation to deliver what customers want when they want it.

If you are a retailer concerned about seizing the opportunities of intelligent data management or wish to know more about using the lessons learned during COVID-19 to increase resiliency in the event of another significant disruption, then please watch the webinar here.

About OmPrompt

OmPrompt’s fully managed order management platform makes it easy for companies worldwide to trade with each other. The cloud platform connects manufacturers and retailers via EDI to their customers, suppliers, and third-party providers.

It automates the processing of the other manual documents to capture, create, fulfill, and settling processes. With one platform, businesses can connect to any trading partner, digitise any document, and process any format. Clients can achieve end-to-end visibility, focus on their core operations, and quickly see the benefits of automation.

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