OmPrompt customers named in Gartner’s 2020 Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25

OmPrompt sends our congratulations to all of our customers listed in Gartner’s 12th annual Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 ranking, which recognizes companies across the healthcare value chain that advance healthcare by improving patient outcomes and controlling costs.

“2020 has proved to be a challenging year for healthcare and life sciences supply chains with the COVID-19 pandemic stressing many networks to their breaking point,” said Stephen Meyer, senior director analyst with the Gartner Supply Chain practice. “All supply chains had to make significant changes to the way they worked, both tactically and strategically.”

OmPrompt is focused on leveraging technology to solve strategic and tactical order management challenges for CPG and healthcare providers. Each solution is designed and developed with a clear understanding of the critical business requirements and how the platform’s capabilities can support them. It’s cloud-based Order Management Platform is delivered as a managed service and provides EDI connectivity, non-EDI document automation, visibility, and control solutions for order-to-cash (O2C) and procure-to-pay (P2P) processes.

By leveraging different data capture technologies, a sophisticated process automation engine and machine learning, operational teams can get back control, manage by exception and have the time to focus on customer value. Manually entering and manipulating data becomes a thing of the past.

“Having OmPrompt customers listed in this prestigious list is a privilege. By automating and governing complex processes, they’re able to focus on delivering true customer service. OmPrompt’s managed service model along with our innate understanding of each client’s needs and challenges help deliver true ROI and have helped relieve the pressure 2020 has brought with it,” said Gareth Bennett, OmPrompt Solutions Strategy Director.

“I also want to give a special mention to Simply Supply Chain and Kraft Heinz, listed in the 2020 Supply Chain Excellence Awards. “

We’re hoping 2021 will see a return to actual awards attendance, but for now, virtual will do! After all, it’s with the help of OmPrompt’s cloud-enabled technology that all of our clients have been able to continue as close to normal as possible despite the pandemic and introduction of mass remote working.

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