Get to know: Katie Paul – Client Acquisition Director

What is your name?

Katie Paul

How did you first get involved with OmPrompt?

September, 2015 – working in supply chain was my dream, working in technology was a bit of a bluebird!

How has the industry changed since your first day on the job?

The interest and appetite for end-to-end supply chain automation and visibility. Back in 2015 OmPrompt was living in the generation of “black box”, send the document to OmPrompt and let the magic happen – we now have much more hands on technology and therefore customers.

What’s your favourite example of OmPrompt’s automation capabilities?

The use of OmPrompt to allow for pro-active rather than reactive supply chain, allowing our customers to see what is happening- not was happened. This is so powerful, and is hugely positive in terms of ROI, Customer Experience and DSO.

2020 has meant a re imagining of the way we work, what do you think will be the most impactful in the long-term?

I think all markets were moving this way anyway, particularly in CPG. What 2020 will mean is people’s need and requirement for BCP will be bigger than ever and I hope OmPrompt will be pivotal in providing that.

How has OmPrompt changed in 2020?

Very little, however our appetite to service more customers and our existing customer base has grown! We must make sure we continue with our service levels to support this growth.

Can you mention an instance of OmPrompt helping a client in the midst of lockdown?

I would hope it is hard to pin point one! OmPrompt has allowed businesses to continue “as usual” regardless of where they were located which sounds terribly boring – but I think we all needed some boredom as we found the “new normal”. One of the best use cases, has to be CyT’s virtual “huddle” board. CyT were able to simulate the daily catch ups from their living room as much as from their office.

How can businesses strengthen their supply chains in these uncertain times?

Too early to tell, however I suppose the point would always be don’t leave for tomorrow what you could do today!

What will be the key areas of focus for OmPrompt in 2021?

OmPrompt will be making sure we can be more robust and allow for much more traffic and much more support.

Lastly, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given along your journey?

Go fast and slow at the same time ! Never, ever stop – there is always something more we can do! Anyone who has had the (dis)pleasure of working with me over the last 5 years will know I need to learn less.

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