How Sales Order Automation Increases Revenue

Like me, you’re getting tired of having “digital transformation” talks without anything really transforming.

Kicking off any modernisation initiative can be a struggle, while many try and implement different types of software and ideas – it can feel like starting a new fire to put out an old one.

Often, digital transformation efforts fall at the executive hurdle. They falter without c-suite support because they’re more than just a tech overhaul. That was then.

Thanks to the dumpster-fire that was 2020, digital transformation is a “when” not an “if”.

It’s become a priority for executives to seek new opportunities to reduce costs without reducing output. Enterprises that were dragging their feet have made it their primary focus.

It’s the “where to start” argument we’re having now. Well, let us focus on our bottom line and go from there.

As Forrester put it, “organisations must rely on automation to create massive efficiencies and new capabilities.”. Now, we can’t speak about the merits of automating your customer service, your marketing efforts or your payroll. What we can talk about with confidence is the automation of your sales order management. It’s a starting point for digital transformation, and almost always positively impacts revenue.

Sales Order Automation – Low Risk, Fast Value

Automation’s job is to identify continuous and repetitive tasks and turn those tasks into automatic output. Sales order management is one such department where an automated solution can save everything from time to frustration to claim resolution – because each action can be refined and improved to generate ultimate output at the lowest cost.

Your supply chain is full of opportunities to automate. If the same order is being sent to the same supplier, this process needn’t involve any human intervention.

Automating supply chain processes, and sales order management tasks within that supply chain – is a quick win, low cost, low-risk endeavour that’s easily measured and tracked with a clear ROI.

 It’s about taking that first step.

It’s Better for your Customers

If a technological adaption makes your life easier but not that of those you’re serving – the whole point has been missed. Real digital transformation is a technology that affects both the user and the customer equally, without the customer being aware of a change coming in the first place.

By automating a customer’s order management, there’s 0 chance of an order being missed or mishandled. If your system is configured with a set of rules and processes to follow, then a customer won’t ever order something out of stock, or request delivery on a day you’re not delivering.

Which is a two-way benefit. Further still, if you give your B2B customers a more familiar B2C buying environment – you’re improving customer experience without having to implement any wholescale change.

How Sales Order Automation Boosts your Bottom Line

We’ve done the why, let’s talk about the how.

Automated purchase orders are converted into automatic sales orders and then instantly added to your ERP without anyone having to do anything.

Without a customer service rep or sales agent having to input data, there’s no risk of incorrect information or a manual review. So, an emailed order can be ready to ship in minutes – not hours. Depending on your specific cost-to-serve, you could be reducing cost-per-order by 80-90%.

Now, that sales representative or customer service agent who’s morning involved keying in orders now has time to dedicate to more productive activity. Like, chasing up leads, identifying new trends or upselling the orders he or she can see in the ERP.

Measuring the ROI here can be undertaken from several perspectives – the commonality being there’s been time and effort saved while an order’s accuracy has been guaranteed.

So, next time you’re in your boardroom (or weekly Zoom catch up), and someone drops the “digital transformation” buzzword into the mix, let them know sales order automation is the first step into a more agile and adaptable methodology for a changing world.

At OmPrompt, sales order automation is what we do better than anyone else. It’s why some of the world’s largest CPG and Medical companies chose our platform to do it for them.

If you’d like to kick start your digital transformation with sales order automation, click the button below to get started.

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