OmPrompt can confirm today we’ve been acquired by U.S based technology company Elemica. 

Elemica’s expertise is found at the intersection of supply chain management and Industry 4.0 technology. Its teams and tools help companies in dozens of industries replace manual and complex processes with efficient, automated and more reliable ones.

OmPrompt’s proprietary algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other tools will contribute to Elemica’s continued development and aggregation of automation technologies in pursuit of creating a digital supply chain megaplatform powered by Elemica’s leading network. With over a trillion dollars’ worth of goods being digitally bought, sold and moved through Elemica’s interconnected network of trading partners, OmPrompt reinforces the company’s market leading position.

Elemica CEO David Muse commented “It’s important that we’re continuously adding to our functionality and platform strengths. Through market leading innovation and strategic acquisitions like OmPrompt, current and future clients should be confident that we are the premier technology provider to help them exceed digitization targets. We can take them as far as their strategy dictates.”

“We take pride in the metrics made possible by OmPrompt’s multi-format support, intelligent business rules, master data validation and accelerated exception management,” added OmPrompt CEO, Steve Luscombe. “Now we’ll be able to bolster our existing procure-to-pay and order-to-cash automation technology—extending new offerings, offering more capabilities and scaling more broadly across the supply chain. This was a great move for our user base and we’re excited about the power our combined solution will bring to global business.”

There will be more updates for OmPrompt customers in the coming weeks, but for now, it’s business as usual as we continue to offer excellent order management automation services across the globe. 

About Elemica 

Elemica is the world’s leading digital supply chain network for the global manufacturing sector. The company streamlines your supply chain by connecting mission-critical aspects of your business to a powerful digital network that processes more than $1T in transactions annually. For more information, visit


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