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O2C Cycle

Improving the O2C Cycle by Removing Silos

Like many other field specialists, supply chain professionals can be guilty of prioritising their own work above others – creating data silos.  Information within these

Automating the Order to Cash Cycle

When OmPrompt began in 2004, the application of Artificial Intelligence to everyday devices and processes was almost a pie-in-the-sky dream. From the smallest smartphone to

supply chain risks

Better Supply Chain Risk Management

The world economy relies on the global supply chain’s ability to react quickly to shifting consumer demands. One supplier not pulling its weight can instantly

supplier onboarding

Improving your supplier onboarding

A 2021 supply chain is complex, made up of networks of different networks, all working on other parts of the same solution. With greater everyday

Sales order automation

How Sales Order Automation Increases Revenue

Like me, you’re getting tired of having “digital transformation” talks without anything really transforming. Kicking off any modernisation initiative can be a struggle, while many

Supply Chain Stability

2021 Supply Chain Stability

Yes, it’s been a strange year. The good news is, such incredible disruption means lessons learned. And that’s true especially in those of us who

Touchless Supply Chain

The Touchless Supply Chain

Organising your products along the supply chain should be viewed as running a small, local business, no matter its size. Picture owning a little shop

B2B ecommerce | SelfServe

The Rise and Rise of B2B Ecommerce

As we head into the last part of 2020, B2B ecommerce has had to adapt and transform like never before.  The pandemic has redefined procurement