Achieving 93% automation

OmPrompt | Case study: Global Cleaning Suppliers Manufacturer

Achieving 93% automation


levels of automation achieved


of staff released and over 10,000 hours saved


increase in automation in 12 months

If I could start the process with OmPrompt again, I would bring them in on a strategic level. There have been a few other projects that have been given to other vendors purely because we didn’t get OmPrompt in there quick enough.

Director of Customer Fulfilment
OmPrompt | Team meeting

Business problem

OmPrompt was approached by a global cleaning suppliers company to help increase their existing levels of automation in their business, support new lean business objectives, and improve process efficiencies. After speaking with a long standing OmPrompt Customer, who already dominates the personal care market, the Director started to understand the strategic role that OmPrompt has within a global organisation.

The company sought a solution that could help them deal with the diverse languages, enable them to centralise customer fulfilment within the UK Shared Service Centre, drive process efficiencies and help them to maintain the same level of activities and order processing whilst reducing resources.

I would recommend getting OmPrompt to come in and do an audit of your different departments to see where they can save you money, errors, time and possibly even people – if that’s what you’re looking to do.

Director of Customer Fulfilment


OmPrompt | Automation

93% level of automation achieved across EMEA

OmPrompt | New jobs created

New roles created organically, by reinvesting transactional hours into business support

OmPrompt | An increase

Increased service delivery by reducing order entry errors

OmPrompt | Team reduction

10% of staff released

OmPrompt | Order fulfilment

All customer fulfilment tasks centralised within SCC

OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

18% increase in Automation in 12 months

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OmPrompt | World-Renowned Beverage Producer

World-Renowned Beverage Producer

The benefits have clearly been realised in terms of reducing admin errors, and building resilience into the team.


order automation to date


order accuracy increased to 99.8%

OmPrompt | World-Leading Water Brand

World-Leading Water Brand

What’s exciting is how we’ve unlocked resource. We grew by just under 30% in two years despite our reduced team size. We couldn’t have done this without OmPrompt.

OmPrompt | Global Spirits Company

Global Spirits Company

OTIF is a big drive for us, with OmPrompt we now have more time to focus on it.


increase in touchless order automation


reduction of manual data entry

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