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Claims automation


Reduction in claims


Reduction in the cost of claims


FTE reduction in the complaint handling department

We were really able to start questioning why we were getting so many claims, and focus on resolving those issues

Commercial Operations Coordinator
OmPrompt | Manufacturer of Plant-Based Food Products

Business problem

The Commercial Operations Coordinator (COCo) explained the situation, “When I first started it was just me processing claims, and it was taking up my whole day. I had a full-time temp doing credit control and logging the claims, but we just weren’t catching up. We were still making errors manually entering debit notes into the system, and there wasn’t any time to investigate the root-cause of the claims.”

The COCo was receiving high volumes of claims from retailers such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s with short time frames in which to dispute them. To add to the challenge the claims were not in a single digital format but rather shared as PDFs, emails and spreadsheets. The COCo had to spend a considerable amount of time deciphering and analysing the information in each of the claims, in whatever format they were in, before manually processing them all. Often the deadline in which the claim could be disputed would have lapsed and the claim had to be accepted and paid. Help was required to automate this process and fast.

We saw a 40% FTE reduction in the complaint handling department by implementing OmPrompt

Commercial Operations Coordinator


OmPrompt’s cloud platform receives a claim each time one is created and automatically extracts all the data from the various formats. The platform then validates, enriches, and compiles them together into the required format for the team. The validation and enrichment stages are performed and managed via OmPrompt’s Business Rules Engine.

Rules include:

  • Automated customer and material code identification and substitution
  • Claims type identification and indexing
  • Automated resolution of missing or incomplete data

Via a web portal the COCo can see and access all claims, including original documentation, at any time. New claims formats are onboarded by OmPrompt’s Managed Services Team easily without any impact to any rules or any claims formats already onboarded.

OmPrompt | Manufacturer of Plant-Based Food Products

Quick visibility of accurately logged claims for our top customers has allowed us to focus our energy in the right places, resulting in less incoming claims and a higher success rate when disputing claims

Commercial Operations Coordinator


OmPrompt | Cost savings

56% reduction in claims and 32% reduction in the cost of claims

OmPrompt | Non-EDI document automation

Eradicate their 3 to 6 month backlog of claims

OmPrompt | Communications

A reduction in daily claims processing from 8 hours to 1.5 hours

OmPrompt | A decrease

Reduction in claim lines per month, from 1,500 to 850

OmPrompt | Improved visibility

Now able to investigate and challenge claims through accurate data entry and faster debit notes processing

OmPrompt | Reduction in complaints

40% FTE reduction in the complaint handling department

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