Creating the Perfect Order

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Creating the Perfect Order


Automated extraction of unstructured data


Order accuracy increased to 99.8%


ROI within 15 months

Because the team doesn’t have to spend as much time placing the orders themselves, they can review the orders. Now they can focus on engaging with customers

Supply Chain Director
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Business problem

Asahi produces some of the world’s best known beer brands such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Asahi Super Dry which are stocked by both large and small retailers across the UK. Consequently, Asahi UK felt they needed to add more value to their customer relationships.

To reach this objective, they looked to digitise the high volume manual data entry processes in their customer service team as part of their ‘Perfect Order’ initiative.  The team were receiving non-EDI sales orders via email in varying formats ranging from images to PDFs, word documents and spreadsheets. They were spending valuable time interpreting each order, identifying issues, then entering the order data manually into SAP. With valuable time being spent on manual processes, Asahi began to look at automation solutions.

“Our objective was to get a zero-touch order through automation, so we can deliver timely and accurate order taking, which would then deliver increased customer satisfaction” stated their UK Supply Chain Director. “There’s more demand from our customers”, adds their UK Supply Chain Service Manager, “they expect more from us than they used to. We need to spend more time answering their queries and delivering added-value. We wanted to be paperless, to change the way we had worked from the beginning – and automation seemed like a logical next step” 

 Asahi’s Main Objectives:
  •  Automate manual processes so customer services could spend more time working with customers 
  •  Achieve zero touch automation of sales orders
  •  Increase order capture process standardisation and control 
  •  Automate the validation of orders and manage by exception

The benefits have clearly been realised in terms of building resilience into the team

UK Supply Chain Service Manager


To address these business challenges, process leaders turned to OmPrompt. The OmPrompt team designed and implemented a non-EDI sales order automation solution using the platforms ZeroTouch capabilities to fully automate the processing of Asahi’s non-EDI customer orders. 

All non-EDI customers were onboarded to the platform without any need to directly involve Asahi’s customers. Extraction rules were set up to cater for each individual sales order format to makes sure that all data would be extracted without anyone from the customer services team having to support the process. 

Different data processing rules were configured allowing Asahi to control how orders from all customers are processed and also how individual customers need to be managed. “We run quite a complex business but OmPrompt took the time to understand what the team were going through with each order and took that knowledge, and put it into logical business rules.” These rules automatically identify and resolve exceptions so that manual intervention is kept to a minimum. Checks on the total number of cases ordered by customer, missing delivery dates, unit of measure conversions and identifying different order types are all handled automatically and individual customer behaviours and requirements are catered for. 

The team connected the OmPrompt platform with Asahi’s SAP instance so automated sales orders could flow directly into the ERP and appear as EDI orders. The Asahi customer services team didn’t have to configure any software because OmPrompt, as a managed service, take full responsibility for set up.  

OmPrompt | Draft Beer Taps

We run quite a complex business but OmPrompt took the time to understand what the team were going through with each order and took that knowledge, and put it into logical business rule

UK Supply Chain Service Manager


OmPrompt | Accuracy

Order accuracy increased to 99.8%

OmPrompt | Automation

100% Automated extraction achieved

OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction

OmPrompt | On-time-in-full (OTIF)

Improved OTIF scores

OmPrompt | Freed customer resource

Freed customer contact resources who can now spend their time visiting and talking to customers

OmPrompt | ROI

ROI in 15 months

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OmPrompt | World-Leading Water Brand

Growing order volumes, reduced headcount

World-Leading Water Brand

What’s exciting is how we’ve unlocked resource. We grew by just under 30% in two years despite our reduced team size. We couldn’t have done this without OmPrompt.

OmPrompt | Case study image - Concha Y Toro

EDI as a managed service

Like most companies, CyT needs automation; we need to be able to grow. Businesses are facing difficult times, and all staff need to be on the same page to make way for progress and development

OmPrompt | Industries - Food

Dairy Manufacturer

Reducing human error, increasing satisfaction

With more time available, the team has been able to benefit from additional training and up-skilling


manual orders reduced by 80%


of customers satisfied with OTIF deliveries

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