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EDI as a managed service

Like most companies, CyT needs automation; we need to be able to grow. Businesses are facing difficult times, and all staff need to be on the same page to make way for progress and development

Sergio Perez, Business relationship Manager
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Business problem

Concha Y Toro (CyT) is the largest producer of wine from Latin America and is one of the world’s most successful wine companies. Their market-leading brand, Casillero del Diablo, ranks as one of the top 10 wine brands in the UK.

CyT’s UK operation was growing quickly and the business needed a way to automate an ever increasing volume of order-to-cash order management documents. Business Relationship Manager, Sergio Perez, said, “our ideal objective was to find a new vendor who could solve both our EDI and non-EDI challenges, and no longer require any manual intervention from CyT, where for once, we wouldn’t have to worry about manual data entry.”

They needed a solution which could remove manual data entry from their Customer Service team, enable them to see all EDI and non-EDI orders in one place, reduce costs and help them meet new EDI mandates in the shortest time possible.

We wanted our people to be more than machines. With automation, the job is going to get easier. Nobody wants to be entering data every day; they want to be on the phone talking to customers

Sergio Perez, Business relationship Manager


CyT’s journey with OmPrompt began by helping them connect via EDI to retailers such as Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and others. The project initially focused on onboarding customer orders and invoices. OmPrompt’s Onboarding Team took responsibility for designing the solution and interfacing with CyT’s systems. They proactively communicated with CyT’s customers, on behalf of CyT, to connect them to the OmPrompt platform.  Once connected, the OmPrompt team took ownership of end-to-end solution testing, deployments and hypercare.

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Whether I’m talking to my Account Manager, Project Manager or the Technical teams, the OmPrompt approach was the same: everyone was willing to help no matter the time spent, the time of day or the issue. The approach like the solution is very flexible

Sergio Perez, Business relationship Manager


OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

EDI solutions – able to meet customer facing EDI requirements

OmPrompt | EDI connectivity

Outsourced EDI and non-EDI solution enabling business teams to focus on core activities and improving other supply chain processes

OmPrompt | Improved visibility

Visibility – one place to see all EDI and non-EDI inbound and outbound customer documents

OmPrompt | Cost savings

Cost savings due to significant reduction of manual data entry

OmPrompt | Order-to-cash (O2C)

Significant order capture efficiency gains and increased order processing controls

OmPrompt | Non-EDI document automation

Ability to include additional EDI and non-EDI documents at any time

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