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An integrated-automation success story

Like most companies, CyT needs automation; we need to be able to grow. Businesses are facing difficult times, and all staff need to be on the same page to make way for progress and development

- Sergio Perez - Head of IT Concha Y Toro
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Business problem

Concha Y Toro (CyT) is the largest wine producer from Latin America and is one of the world’s most successful wine companies. Their market-leading brand, Casillero del Diablo, ranks as one of the UK’s top 10 wine brands. CyT’s UK operation was multiplying, and the business needed a way to automate an ever-increasing volume of order-to-cash order management documents.

In the past, order processing was completely manual. Full days were spent keying in orders from multiple customers in different formats. This meant no time to improve customer experience or supplier collaboration.

With a need for speed, efficiency, process automation, and data integration CyT turned to OmPrompt as their partner of choice to support them on their integrated automation journey. 

OmPrompt’s partnership with CyT is focused on minimising their technical debt with scalable and flexible cloud solutions, reducing process debt with cloud automation, reimagining multi-enterprise processes via collaborative digital technologies, and connecting a patchwork of processes and technologies using one integrated and centralised platform providing end-to-end visibility and control.

The aim has been to provide solutions that connect diverse B2B trading communities and standardise, streamline, and make visible multi-enterprise order-to-cash and procure-to-pay supply chain processes across order capture, fulfilment, and settlement.

This journey started before any global pandemic came along but continued through disruption and into the new normal. OmPrompt’s agile, cloud-based nature has meant project delivery had not changed in 2020, as the platform was designed to work from anywhere. As CyT’s customer’s experienced massive disruption, they could meet orders as usual despite not being in the office together. 

The solution

CyT’s journey with OmPrompt began by helping them connect via EDI to retailers such as Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and others. The project initially focused on onboarding customer orders and invoices. OmPrompt’s Onboarding Team took responsibility for designing the solution and interfacing with CyT’s systems.

They proactively communicated with CyT’s customers, on behalf of CyT, to connect them to the OmPrompt platform.  Once connected, the OmPrompt team took ownership of end-to-end solution testing, deployments and hypercare.

ASNs, PODs, supplier invoices, and order referencing were automated entirely and have been ever since, which CyT can access anytime on Windscreen (the OmPrompt interface).

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We were very digitally immature; we lacked automation. We struggled with manual order processing, having visibility over our warehouses and bottling plants, and were extracting (paper/static) reports at the end of every day to figure out where the shortfalls were. Over the last 24 months, we have undertaken several projects starting with EDI order automation all the way through to invoice automation.

- Claire Reaney - Head of Logistics Concha y Toro

SAP integration

OmPrompt was able to sync up and work alongside CyT’s existing IT architecture, ERP, and CRM, feeding its systems with accurate structured data, and at the same time, utilising these systems to provide greater levels of connectivity and visibility.

The CyT team found SAP’s interface confusing and cumbersome. The automated integration between OmPrompt and SAP has made using the CRM easier and allows more people to visualise and interpret the data that comes from it.

SAP brings with it lots of steps, and the automation interjection with Windscreen has completely revolutionised the way CyT uses SAP.

EDI integration between CyT and its suppliers

In 2017, CyT wanted to have full EDI integration with its Chilean warehouse and bottling company (nicknamed Project CHORD). OmPrompt’s role was vital in smoothing over the transition, despite legacy and processing differences between CyT and their suppliers.


Establishing these EDI automation protocols was challenging. The Chilean warehouse had its own way of doing things and was unwilling to change. However, they came around to the value of EDI integration, and once established, have worked in the same repeatable, predictable fashion ever since.

The biggest impact of working with OmPrompt has been around discovering what is possible and then executing on that.

- Claire Reaney - Head of Logistics Concha y Toro

Amazon EDI integration

Despite the nature of Amazon’s ecommerce model, orders through Amazon were done entirely manually. CyT had to enter an order into the portal, download, code, raise the order, and then submit the ASN. They wanted this to be an EDI process as well.

OmPrompt automatically converts Amazon order data into EDI and submits each order into CyT’s SAP.

All CyT needs to do is confirm the order upon its submittal, and the ASN is automatically generated.

EDI transactions with freight-forwarders

Project Ffredi (or Freight Forwarding EDI) was the project to shift all of CyT freight partners to EDI-based transactions. OmPrompt’s role was to simplify from top to bottom, starting from initial order placement.

Previously, CyT had to create a PO, add it to an existing Excel file and then email it over to their Chile HQ, who’d then send the email on to the different freight forwarders.

Now, with the single click of a button in Windscreen, it’s easy to convert the PO file to be sent across to the HQ and, at the same time, the freight forwarding company. Removing a lot of manual intervention and saving countless hours.

Intervening in complaints and returns

CyT handles two types of complaints – consumer and distribution.

Using Windscreen, the OmPrompt portal – CyT allows all issues to be logged, tracked, commented on, and approved. 

Meaning, the customer relationship team doesn’t need to scroll through emails or look for attachments. The entire history of an issue is presented in one location, making it easier to solve.

COVID-19 response

When the lockdown was announced across Europe, CyT experienced minimal disruption.


Before introducing OmPrompt, the sales and supply team had a morning huddle around a physical whiteboard that housed all of their latest order information. Now, Windscreen is that whiteboard, and Windscreen can be accessed anywhere, on almost any device.


The morning huddle still happens, but virtually, with Windscreen as the home of incoming and outgoing order data.


So, business could carry on as usual with everyone working from home, and CyT’s customers had orders fulfilled as usual despite increased demand.

If we didn’t have Windscreen, then I’m not sure how we would have handled working from home. We would have probably had some sort of shared spreadsheet, but I don’t think that would have been a proper solution. Windscreen means I or anyone on the team can access real-time data, even when sitting at home. The pandemic has changed almost everything we do, the one thing it hasn’t changed is how we work, and that’s down to OmPrompt.”

- Sergio Perez - Head of IT Concha Y Toro


OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

EDI connectivity to leading grocery retailers and ecommerce providers like Amazon (sales orders, invoices, and ASNs

OmPrompt | ZeroTouch

Zero-touch automation of non-EDI documents (sales orders, claims, transport orders, and more)

OmPrompt | Automation

Automated consolidation of data from multi-enterprise to create digital documents (ASNs)

OmPrompt | Generic documents

Broadcasting non-EDI documents and communications (PDF invoices to non-EDI customers)

OmPrompt | Connectivity

Capturing and combining data from ERP, TMS, WMS, spreadsheets, and emails to provide end to end visibility

OmPrompt | Improved visibility

Multi-enterprise process monitoring with real-time alerting (quantity, price, date/time, and condition exceptions)

OmPrompt | Cost savings

Connecting to partners via EDI (3PL, warehouses, and 3PL logistics)

OmPrompt | Claims automation

Process standardisation – centralised and configurable business processes, validation and compliance rules

OmPrompt | Data extraction

RPA to access data held on customer portals (goods receipts and sales orders)

OmPrompt has changed my role so much. I used to spend the entirety of a day placing orders, and now it’s half a morning. I’ve got more time to be collaborative with third parties, and most importantly, with customers. OmPrompt has changed our way of thinking and the way we work. It’s sparked new ideas within ourselves, with more time to generate better output. We look forward to the next step. It’s been an incredible journey.”

- Leandra Hamblin - Customer Service Manager Concha Y Toro

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