EDI Case Study

OmPrompt | Luxury Chocolate Manufacturer

EDI Case Study

OmPrompt | EDI Retail FMCG

Business problem

This luxury chocolate manufacturer has become one of the best known premium chocolatier brands with 750 boutiques and shops across 84 countries. They were expanding rapidly and supplying a greater number of high street retailers in addition to their boutiques, travel markets and intercompany / intracompany operations. However, it is this growth which presented them with new business challenges, particularly when it came to scaling order management processes to meet the increase in demand.

Their digital maturity in the order management process was in its infancy and not particularly scalable. Their existing EDI solution was too expensive, and the service offering did not meet their business requirements. It was OmPrompt’s ability to cater for EDI, manual and web portal customers for all regions via a single managed platform that was of interest.

Eases up indeed a lot of the workload for the team

Customer Service Team Leader


The automation project started in March 2018. The rollout plan was designed to onboard customers with the highest order volumes and customers who were the most time consuming to process. These customers were identified by OmPrompt as ideal EDI candidates. With permission, OmPrompt’s onboarding team contacted each customer to setup the EDI connections. The onboarding team took full responsibility for setup, end-to-end testing and deployment activities. As part of a phased approach, OmPrompt managed to connect the first EDI customer, Amazon, in just one week as they were a strategically important customer.

A key component of any solution was to enable them to set and control the specific business process rules for each operating country, customer and product. For example, automating the process of checking if the products a customer was requesting could be fulfilled to that Ship-To location, managing order changes, preventing duplicate orders from being processed, calculating the correct delivery date, charging category (free of charge or not), and performing unit of measure conversions. From a repository of existing rules in OmPrompt’s Business Rules Engine, the onboarding team configured a series of validation steps and business compliance rules which replicate the checks and controls the customer service team were having to perform manually.

OmPrompt | Team meeting


OmPrompt | Managed services

Outsourced EDI that keeps costs down and improves their strategic offering

OmPrompt | Order processing

Automated manual processes to improve efficiencies and costs

OmPrompt | Business rules

Ability to control business compliance rules and manage by exception

OmPrompt | Insights

Single view of all orders in one place

EDI as a Managed Service

With years of industry experience and a proven onboarding methodology OmPrompt takes care of:

OmPrompt | Check

Solution design, build, configuration, UAT, deployment and hyper-care

OmPrompt | Check

Community management including customer or supplier outreach and onboarding activities

OmPrompt | Check

24/7 Global support, 365 days of the year

OmPrompt | Check

Solution performance and change management

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