Reducing human error, increasing satisfaction

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Reducing human error, increasing satisfaction


Manual orders reduced by 80%


100% of customers satisfied with deliveries arriving on-time-in-full


Order accuracy increased to 100%

With more time available, the team has been able to benefit from additional training and up-skilling. In fact, a number of processes that used to be implemented by managers, have now been delegated to customer service staff.

Customer Service Manager
OmPrompt | Arla

Business problem

This Dairy Manufacturer makes 4,000 deliveries to stores and regional distribution centres a day, supplying a full range of fresh dairy products – including some of the UK’s leading dairy brands – to the major retailers and foodservice customers in the UK.

Manual orders represent a small percentage (5%) of the total orders processed, yet this customer segment is of great importance to this client. The customer service team received these orders in a wide variety of formats – including email, spreadsheet, PDF and fax- generated images in the customer’s own format. They would then have to manually key some 1,000 orders per week into the ERP system. The different methods, formats and templates used by customers to place orders meant that the client was heavily dependent on its customer service team for processing manual orders and translating the order information into meaningful data to their internal systems e.g.  product codes, and minimum order units. The main challenge when having such repetitive tasks performed by humans is eliminating error. This is especially important to because of the short shelf-life of fresh dairy products, which cannot easily be collected and sent to another customer when wrongly delivered. This client sought a solution for eliminating keying errors that could be implemented quickly and would allow an accurate and fast turnaround of customer orders from fax, email, spreadsheet, and documents.

Not only has the project improved customer service by eliminating order processing errors, but it has freed customer contact resources who can now spend more time on value-added activity, calling customers to advise when a delivery is going to be late, tracking vehicle availability and promoting products.

Customer Service Manager


OmPrompt presented this client with a managed service that required no on-site implementation and could be up and running within weeks. Nowadays,  customers continue placing orders as they did before, by fax or mail sent to the customer service team in a wide variety of formats. Orders are auto-forwarded to the OmPrompt platform, which identifies order fields in the document and extracts the required data, and then uses logic to validate the information.

This ensures that all the necessary fields have been received, are valid and comply with business rules, such as minimum quantities, units of measure and product codes. Clean, valid orders are then sent by the OmPrompt platform to their ERP system.

OmPrompt | Arla

OmPrompt provides a lot more than order automation, which is what they are best known for. They have helped us successfully streamline a number of transactional processes including: claims processing and validation, delivery visibility, and we are currently working on a project that will result in the automation of customer complaints. These initiatives have reduced operational error, released customer contact staff to higher value tasks, and increased customer satisfaction. Overall, process automation has not stopped with manual orders.”

Customer Service Manager


OmPrompt | Accuracy

Order accuracy increased to 100%, eradicating operational error due to incorrect orders and the cost associated with dealing with delivery claims and complaints.

OmPrompt | On-time-in-full (OTIF)

Customers are very satisfied with 100% of deliveries that arrive on-time-in-full.

OmPrompt | Freed customer resource

Freed customer contact resources who can now spend more time on value-added activity.

OmPrompt | Automation

Manual orders reduced by 80% with higher levels of automation expected in the next project phase. Order processing has been significantly streamlined, with orders now being placed automatically, without error, in seconds.

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