Sales order automation

OmPrompt | Global Spirits Company

Sales order automation


increase in touchless order automation


reduction of manual data entry


hours saved communicating shortage issues

OTIF is a big drive for us, with OmPrompt we now have more time to focus on it

Director of Customer Fulfilment
OmPrompt | Global Spirits Company

Business problem

This company has global operations with a wide ranging brand portfolio and customer base to match. Order management operations, including order processing, are managed at a regional or country level meaning business processes differ across the organisation. Many customers share non-EDI sales orders via Email. These had to be manually interpreted and then entered into the ERP system (SAP) by team members. Due to the volume of sales orders, the different formats and the process diversity, operational efficiency and scalability was being hindered. In addition, a significant amount of time was being spent by the Customer Services team updating customers when there was going to be an shortage on an order. In some cases customers would not be informed because of other operational priorities or resourcing constraints.

The objectives were to:

  • Deploy a touchless automation solution to free up team members time
  • Enable process control and standardisation so staff can focus on improving OTIF and the overall customer experience
  • Reduce time spent managing repetitive customer facing administrative tasks

Our department is now able to book time for team meetings, this is where we can be more engaged, discuss solutions to problems and get involved in processes earlier

Director of Customer Fulfilment


To address these business challenges, process leaders in one specific country turned to OmPrompt. OmPrompt designed and implemented a non-EDI sales order automation solution that extracted, transformed and processed data automatically from images, PDFs and spreadsheets using the platform’s ZeroTouch capabilities. ZeroTouch is a combination of OmPrompt technologies which allow non-EDI formats to be managed as if they were EDI. It delivers significant automation performance from the start allowing business teams to quickly refocus on value added tasks.

Many different customer formats were onboarded to the OmPrompt platform and automatically turned into a single format and sent to SAP. Global, country, customer and product specific process rules were then configured. This enabled the company to standardise and adhere to strict regulatory controls without impacting how end customers worked.

OmPrompt also automated the process of emailing customers when there was a shortage. From a single source of data OmPrompt identifies orders by customer and links them to key Account Managers. The Account Managers are notified via email when an order for a customer they are responsible for is not going to be fulfilled as expected. The end customer is then emailed automatically.

OmPrompt | Global Spirits Company

Whether I’m talking to my Account Manager, Project Manager or the Technical teams, the OmPrompt approach was the same: everyone was willing to help no matter the time spent, the time of day or the issue. The approach like the solution is very flexible

Sergio Perez, Business relationship Manager


After beginning the sales order automation project in one country, the OmPrompt solution has continued to be rolled out across Europe and North America including; UK, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the USA.

OmPrompt | An increase

50% increase in touchless automation for non EDI customers in one country alone

OmPrompt | Reduction in time

1/3 reduction in the time needed to manually enter data

OmPrompt | Cloud solution

Cloud solution configured to individual business units and customer needs

OmPrompt | Freed customer resource

Proactive and automated customer communications for fulfilment issues

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With more time available, the team has been able to benefit from additional training and up-skilling


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of customers satisfied with OTIF deliveries

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reduction in claims


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What’s exciting is how we’ve unlocked resource. We grew by just under 30% in two years despite our reduced team size. We couldn’t have done this without OmPrompt.

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