OmPrompt | Business rules

Business process automation for order management.

Go beyond just extraction and process data with intelligence.

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Embrace the diversity of your customer and supplier relationships and at the same time standardise and control them with our Business Rules Engine.

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OmPrompt | Improved visibility

Entity determination & substitution

Automatically identify documents and validate you have everything you need. Determine trading partner data using codes or unstructured data and swap trading partner data for yours

  • GLN and EAN codes
  • Delivery address text to sold-to / ship-to codes
  • Customer product codes to your material codes
  • Document identifiers such as; purchase order, shipment, invoice and claim numbers
  • Delivery / collection dates
  • Quantities
  • Units of measure
  • Pricing
  • Custom data
OmPrompt | Integrations

Data enrichment

Even if it is not on the original document, automatically add data and make sure you have everything you need.

  • Sales organisation
  • Document type
  • Custom data
OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

Business compliance

Enforce business compliance using our repository of configurable rules or create custom ones

  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Delivery lead times
  • Minimum / maximum quantities and values
  • Promotion or contract volume consumption 
  • Document splitting and consolidation
  • Custom rules
  • Load optimisation and containerisation
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OmPrompt | World-Renowned Beverage Producer

Creating the Perfect Order

The benefits have clearly been realised in terms of reducing admin errors, and building resilience into the team.


increase in touchless order automation


reduction in manual data entry

OmPrompt | Industries - Food

Dairy Manufacturer

Reducing human error, increasing satisfaction

With more time available, the team has been able to benefit from additional training and up-skilling.


manual orders reduced by 80%


of customers satisfied with OTIF deliveries

OmPrompt | Global Spirits Company

Sales order automation

Global Spirits Company

OTIF is a big drive for us, with OmPrompt we now have more time to focus on it.


order automation to date


order accuracy increased to 99.8%