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Customer Connect

EDI as a Managed Service

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Deliver a seamless customer experience and collaborate with your retail and wholesale customers with OmPrompt’s EDI solutions. With OmPrompt you can connect to your customers quickly, transact easily and have confidence that you are fully compliant with your customer’s EDI needs.

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Automate with EDI.

Save time and costs by digitising repetitive manual processes such as order processing and the sharing of notifications. Fully automate transactional processes for customers large and small, go zero-touch and let your teams focus on driving the business.

Connect once. Integrate with all your customers.

OmPrompt takes the hassle out of managing the diversity in customer facing transactional processes. We automatically translate inbound data from customers, such as orders, into a standardised format for your ERP. Get connected quickly using our library of network ready connectors. Find out more about integrating with OmPrompt.

OmPrompt makes omnichannel presence easier on the world’s largest ecommerce platform, with full support of EDI standards including ANSI X12 and EDIFACT, as well as XML for Amazon. 


Share information the way your customers need it.

The same applies to the data you need to send to customers. We turn the data you generate, such as order confirmations, ASNs (including consolidated ASNs), invoices and more, into the structured and compliant electronic files your customers need.

Manage process diversity.

Process diversity is here to stay but with OmPrompt you can manage it easily. Leverage the platform’s business rules capability to standardise and streamline. We help support all the different customer, product, ERP and process needs for your business. Find out more about our Business Rules Engine

The implementation of this project has been swift and effortless

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Outsource customer onboarding.

OmPrompt delivers EDI for order-to-cash as a managed service. We take care of everything from solution design and build, customer community management and solution performance so you don’t have to. With our cloud platform you can keep costs down, safe in the knowledge you can scale quickly.  

24/7, 365 support.

We take ownership of solution performance and support day-to-day. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our Client Support Team are there to help you and customers.

Process visibility.

See more of your customer facing fulfilment processes. Track each order as it moves through capture, fulfilment and settlement stages, access documents when you need them, see and measure your OTIF performance.

Manage by exception.

We ensure inbound and outbound messages are technically compliant but with OmPrompt you can go further. Govern how customers can and cannot trade with you. Automatically identify business process exceptions earlier in the process, manage them automatically and only focus on what matters.

We’re a lot more proactive than reactive now

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Go Beyond and Bridge EDI Gaps

EDI & Non-EDI, All In One Place.

 It is not uncommon for your customers and suppliers to have different levels of digital maturity in different areas of their businesses. With OmPrompt’s data capture and processing tool kit you don’t have to stop at EDI. Non-EDI documents from customers and suppliers are included as part of a single, fully integrated solution. Streamline manual processes by automating PDFs, spreadsheets, faxes and emails. For any one customer or supplier see all transactions, EDI or manual, linked together, in one place.