Data Extraction.

OmPrompt | Data extraction

Data Extraction.

Go beyond OCR to get data.

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If you only have a hammer. Everything looks like a nail.

Abraham Maslow

Take advantage of our data extraction tool kit to maximise extraction performance and accuracy.

OmPrompt | Platform: Data Extraction
OmPrompt | Data capture

Structured data

Unlock the power of EDI and APIs. Connect directly to partners using the method best suited to them and harness the power of system to system connectivity.

OmPrompt | Generic documents

Unstructured data

Don't let unstructured data hold you back. Capture and make sense of free text information from addresses to important instructions.

OmPrompt | Non-EDI document automation

Non-EDI data capture

Supply chain documents shared in spreadsheet, PDFs, and email formats are rich with data. Our tool kit allows us to access the data behind the scenes for more efficient and accurate processing and to turn image based documents into data using OCR.

OmPrompt | ZeroTouch

Zero touch data extraction

Achieve 100% automated data extraction with OmPrompt’s zero touch capabilities.

OmPrompt | Many to 1


All data, regardless of original inbound format needs to be managed. Our platform makes sense of it by using document specific schemas eliminating point-to-point mapping. Process data with intelligence and manage format changes more easily.

OmPrompt | Master data translation


International supply chains need technology to match. Our data extraction tool kit supports multi-byte and single-byte languages so you can automate documents from Mexico to Manila.

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Related customer success stories.

OmPrompt | Manufacturer of Plant-Based Food Products

Claims automation

Manufacturer of Plant-Based Food Products

We saw a 40% FTE reduction in the complaint handling department by implementing OmPrompt.


reduction in claims


reduction in the cost of claims

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EDI as a managed service

Like most companies, CyT needs automation; we need to be able to grow. Businesses are facing difficult times, and all staff need to be on the same page to make way for progress and development.

OmPrompt | World-Leading Water Brand

Growing order volumes, reduced headcount

World-Leading Water Brand

What’s exciting is how we’ve unlocked resource. We grew by just under 30% in two years despite our reduced team size. We couldn’t have done this without OmPrompt.