Exception management

OmPrompt | Exception management

Management by exception.

Let the day-to-day run itself and focus on the exceptions.

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Exceptions are part of everyday life in the operational supply chain. It is how quickly you identify, resolve and learn from them which counts. Our exception management capabilities work for you to flag only the issues you need to see.

OmPrompt | Platform: Exception Management
OmPrompt | Improved visibility

Exception monitors

From connection issues to duplicate orders, dedicated monitors look out for specific scenarios and raise alerts or trigger automated resolutions steps. Configure monitors to best fit your business and team.

OmPrompt | Automation

Automated resolution

As your business grows and changes the number of processes exceptions can increase. Choose which exceptions people need to resolve manually and which ones the platform can handle so that you aren’t bombarded by issues and always have control.

OmPrompt | Automated status updates


Not everyone needs to be aware of every exception. Configurable alerts allow you to choose who gets notified, how they are notified and with what message. Update teams, individuals or even trading partners for faster decision making with alerts in our web portal, email or SMS.

OmPrompt | Decision making

Faster decision making

Some exceptions need people and technology working together. We deliver the information you need to the right people to help them resolve the issue at hand. Quickly see where the problem is and with embed knowledge, direct users as to how to resolve issues.

OmPrompt | Machine learning

Machine Learning

AI algorithms, supported by users, learn about the differences between the information trading partners share with you, what it means and what it should be so the number of exceptions can be reduced over time.

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