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Supplier Connect

EDI as a Managed Service

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Every supplier works differently, but with OmPrompt you can make sure all suppliers are compliant with your EDI requirements.  Learn more about how OmPrompt can connect you to your customers through EDI here.

Connect once. Integrate with all your suppliers.

With one connection, you can share orders, updates and other documents with all your suppliers. Changes to existing supplier formats or message structures, and the onboarding of new suppliers and messages, is managed in isolation. Each trading partner is kept separate from the others and changes can be made without impacting the connections and flow of data to and from your systems.

Get the information you need.

Receive data in the way you need it from all your suppliers regardless of their digital maturity. With OmPrompt, suppliers can transact and share status updates using EDI and non-EDI formats such as PDFs, emails and spreadsheets in the formats you and your systems work in. Find out more about integrating with OmPrompt 

Outsource supplier onboarding.

OmPrompt delivers EDI for procure-to-pay processes as a managed service. We take care of everything from solution design and build, supplier community management and solution performance. With our cloud platform you can keep costs down, safe in the knowledge you can scale quickly.

24/7, 365 solution support.

We take ownership of solution performance and support day-to-day. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our Client Support Team are there to help you and suppliers.

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We’re a lot more proactive than reactive now

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Focus on your business.

Save time and costs by automating repetitive manual processes such as purchase order to invoice matching. Automate the process and let your teams focus on driving the business.

Manage by exception.

With OmPrompt you can use data more intelligently so teams can manage by exception. Identify shortages and late deliveries as early as possible and automate the identification of discrepancies between purchase orders and invoices.

Bridge visibility gaps.

Get more control over your P2P processes by having a single portal where you can see all orders from creation to payment. Track supplier performance with intuitive dashboards and identify trends.

Supplier self-service.

For those suppliers who find going online easier, OmPrompt offers a fully integrated supplier portal that provides them with the visibility they need and allows them to easily acknowledge, confirm and invoice purchase orders.

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Go Beyond and Bridge EDI Gaps

EDI & Non-EDI, All In One Place.

 It is not uncommon for your customers and suppliers to have different levels of digital maturity in different areas of their businesses. With OmPrompt’s data capture and processing tool kit you don’t have to stop at EDI. Non-EDI documents from customers and suppliers are included as part of a single, fully integrated solution. Streamline manual processes by automating PDFs, spreadsheets, faxes and emails. For any one customer or supplier see all transactions, EDI or manual, linked together, in one place.