OmPrompt | ZeroTouch

Fully automate manual data entry.

Treat non-EDI like EDI and fully automate the extraction and processing of data to take hands off the keyboard.

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EDI documents should process without any human intervention but what about non-EDI documents? OmPrompt’s ZeroTouch capabilities enables manual documents to be 100% automated.

OmPrompt | ZeroTouch

Hands free extraction

From the moment you go-live data from non-EDI documents can be extracted without any manual intervention. See the power of digitising your manual documents and get maximum return on investment from the beginning.

OmPrompt | Automation

Automated data processing

We don’t stop at extraction. Once data has been captured it needs to be processed. ZeroTouch enables documents to be validated and processed without order management teams having to step in and support the process so you can achieve end-to-end automation and get the data you need, in the way you need it, directly into your systems.

OmPrompt | Improved visibility

Managing exceptions

Exceptions are part of the daily life in supply chain. ZeroTouch uses exception monitors to find issues and you can decide how they are handled. Choose the right option for each scenario.

Apply ZeroTouch to different order management documents and formats. Use it to fully automate orders, customer contracts, claims, proof of deliveries and much more.

With OmPrompt, we're able to step away from the transactional and let the process run itself.

Head of Customer Supply Chain
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EDI as a managed service

Like most companies, CyT needs automation; we need to be able to grow. Businesses are facing difficult times, and all staff need to be on the same page to make way for progress and development

OmPrompt | Industries - Food

Dairy Manufacturer

Reducing human error, increasing satisfaction

With more time available, the team has been able to benefit from additional training and up-skilling


manual orders reduced by 80%


of customers satisfied with OTIF deliveries

OmPrompt | World-Renowned Beverage Producer

Zero-touch sales order automation

World-Renowned Beverage Producer

The benefits have clearly been realised in terms of reducing admin errors, and building resilience into the team


order automation to date


order accuracy