Order Automation for a Smoother Brexit Transition

Brexit brings with it ever-increasing challenges for the supply chain, as new documents and processes are introduced to get your goods to your customers in both the UK and Europe.

Administration and paperwork have grown, with the introduction of documents like C88s, required by custom clearance agents, placing additional pressure already stretched resources.

The accuracy of these fast-turnaround documents is vital.

Which is why the OmPrompt managed service was designed to ensure business as usual for your company importing to, or exporting from, the UK.

OmPrompt’s automation capabilities mean the ingestion, extraction, and creation of accurate documents will reach customs before your shipment, with zero-touch.

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How OmPrompt works with your existing processes:

OmPrompt | Non-EDI document automation

Proforma invoices 
Invoice & pricing data is extracted from the outbound file

OmPrompt | On-time-in-full (OTIF)

Proof of deliveries (PODs)
All relevant information is extracted from the POD sent to your freight forwarders. Information is then cross referenced with the initial proforma invoice to create a finalised outbound document

OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

Clearance forms 
Automatically generates an outbound file using the information in the Proforma and POD, displayed in customisable format or C88

As a result:

OmPrompt | Reduction in time

Time saved
With orders processed and documents created in 0-5 minutes you no longer need to worry about documents not arriving on time

OmPrompt | RPA customer portal bots

No human error 
Documents are processed quickly and accurately so you can be sure that there will be no customs issues for your shipments

OmPrompt | Configurable

You’re adaptable
The outbound document is automatically updated with the latest information. No manual check is required for missing SKUs or quantity changes

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