EDI as a Managed Service

OmPrompt | EDI as a managed service
OmPrompt | EDI as a managed service

EDI as a Managed Service

Connecting to your customers and suppliers couldn’t be easier.

Whether you are looking to migrate EDI providers, compliment your existing EDI portfolio or setting out on your first EDI engagement to automate manual processes, OmPrompt can help. Outsource the pain of complying with your customers EDI needs and make sure your suppliers are compliant with yours. Our fully managed EDI offering takes the pressure off your operational and IT teams so you can focus on business as usual.

Be network ready

OmPrompt | Co-Op
OmPrompt | Tesco
OmPrompt | Aldi
OmPrompt | Amazon
OmPrompt | Waitrose
OmPrompt | Sainsbury's
OmPrompt | Ocado
OmPrompt | Lidl
OmPrompt | Spar
OmPrompt | Nisa
OmPrompt | Albert Heijn
OmPrompt | Morrisons
OmPrompt | Boots
OmPrompt | Metro
OmPrompt | CostCo Wholesale
OmPrompt | Iceland
OmPrompt | Bestway Wholesale
OmPrompt | Asda
OmPrompt | Filshill
OmPrompt | Pratorius
OmPrompt | RCL Foods
OmPrompt | Maersk
OmPrompt | LuLu
OmPrompt | CJ Lang And Son Limited
OmPrompt | Dansk Supermarked Group
OmPrompt | Evergreen
OmPrompt | Heineken
OmPrompt | S&W Wholesale
OmPrompt | Booker Wholesale
OmPrompt | CargoSmart
OmPrompt | Bidfood
OmPrompt | Heinemann
OmPrompt | Wan Hai
OmPrompt | PEPPOL Access Point - Certified Provider
OmPrompt | TRS Asia's Finest Foods

EDI as a Managed Service

Get Network Ready.

Eliminate costly and lengthy EDI onboarding processes using network ready connectors. 

With years of industry experience and a proven onboarding methodology OmPrompt takes care of:
OmPrompt | Check

Solution design, build, configuration, UAT, deployment and hyper-care

OmPrompt | Check

Community management including customer or supplier outreach and onboarding activities

OmPrompt | Check

24/7 Global support, 365 days of the year

OmPrompt | Check

Solution performance and change management

We take the headache out of EDI and make onboarding new trading partners and messages easy.

Integrate and Standardise

Maximize your IT investments.

OmPrompt consumes structured and unstructured data in a complimentary and non-intrusive way by utilising existing interfaces as much as possible to keep implementation cost, effort and change management requirements as low as possible.

Interfacing with the OmPrompt platform is a one-time effort. Changes to existing trading partner formats or message structures and onboarding new trading partners or messages can be managed in isolation, separate from other trading partners and without impacting the connections to your systems.

 The platform supports a wide variety of EDI standards including EDIFACT / ANSI x12 / EANCOM / TRADACOMS.


OmPrompt | Connectivity

Connect directly with trading partners, via value-added networks (VAN) and Peppol networks

OmPrompt | Integrations

Integrates with leading ERPs and legacy systems and supports multiple ERP instances

OmPrompt | Data capture

Receive data in any structured format

OmPrompt | Generic documents

Send data to OmPrompt in any structured or unstructured format

OmPrompt | Order processing

Transact securely and with flexibility

OmPrompt | Configurable

Gain control with configurable business rules to standardise EDI processes. Ensure technical and business compliance by using EDI data intelligently

OmPrompt | Platform - Intelligent automation tailored to your business

Visibility and Monitoring

Be in the know at any given moment.

From monitoring transactional flows and connections to the business process exceptions business users need to know about, dedicated and automated monitors proactively look out for specific scenarios at process, message header and line level. 

Users can access and view all messages and exceptions in a single easy to use web-based portal as well as track solution performance. They can track the flow inbound and outbound documents to and from trading partners,  check the status of orders and include manually processed documents, such as PDFs, Faxes, ad-hoc spreadsheets and emails so you can eliminate process blind spots and achieve a clearer view of your order management processes.

 Business users don’t need to be experts in reading EDI messages as all data is presented in a single, structured and easy to read way regardless of its original format. Govern, audit and bridge visibility gaps of customer and supplier facing processes 



Leverage the power of the cloud.

Leverage the power of the cloud for fast, scalable and secure message processing. OmPrompt’s cloud platform helps companies extend their reach with ease and reduces IT infrastructure overheads.

OmPrompt | An increase

Scalable on demand and up time performance

OmPrompt | Claims automation

High availability and real time replication of data

OmPrompt | RPA customer portal bots

Virtualised technology - virtual servers with real time failover

OmPrompt | Data capture

Shadow systems and daily back ups

OmPrompt | Generic documents

ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited

OmPrompt | Increased customer satisfaction

GDPR Compliant

With OmPrompt, we’re able to step away from the transactional and let the process run itself.

Head of Customer Supply Chain

Go Beyond and Bridge EDI Gaps

EDI & Non-EDI, All In One Place.